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Iceland Revisited
Let’s go to Iceland. Let’s go in May.
The weather will be nice they say.
So here we are in this wonderful place
With plenty of fresh air and plenty of space.
Our guide led us tirelessly through all of the ventures
Our driver took over roads adventurous.
We rode in a coach and we flew through the air
And got on the whale boat with time to spare.
To the glacier we rode in a luxury truck
Then an ATV caught our eye
and down a dirt road we didn’t exactly fly.
The beauty we saw is indescribable—mountains and geysers
Lava beds, glaciers and grasslands.
Oh, did I forge to say
there was a waterfall, or two, along the way
We had rain, we had sleet, we had fog and we had snow
But it didn’t stop us, we had places to go.
Horse farms and shark farms and flower farms too.
We had so many wonderful things to view.
Whales, horses, sheep and ducks
But no reindeer or puffins—our bad luck.
We did not fight like dogs and cats
We got along just like that.
Happy hours were friendly, our tales we did share
And for each other we really did care.
Thank you, Mr. Siggi for getting us through
And our good driver Sverrir for helping us too.
Hopefully we will see you all again
We just don’t know when.
— Katrina Korpeck